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The Green Dragon


Welcome Adventurers to the Tavern of choice to all seeking to satisfy their expeditious hunger! Here at the Green Dragon, we serve the highest quality plant-based meal option for the healthy conscience Traveler! We also host thrilling events where we update you on weekly and monthly adventure announcements!

What is The Green Dragon you ask? The Green dragon is the birth of the wildly amazing combination of inspiration from the Tabletop role-playing “Dungeons & Dragons” and the healthy plant-based alternative to animal meat protein. We welcome to broaden our guest’s taste buds with delicious meals from all different styles of cultures. American style burgers, Italian pizza, and Asian-inspired rice and noodle bowl just to name a few! All are built by our world-class chefs with plant-based as our focus. We also want to build an engaging community where friends and families can interact with our weekly and monthly “Dungeons & Dragons” quest sessions. These sessions will be hosted by our phenomenal experienced Dungeon Masters! Come join the adventure here at The Green Dragon!