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Greetings Adventures! The Green Dragon is the imaginational brainchild of Betty and Bengi Benson! Avid lovers, since we were kids, of the tabletop roleplaying board game “Dungeons & Dragons”. We would play for hours with our friends and family to fantasy worlds on our mystical adventures! As we grew, we continue our expansion into the “Dungeons & Dragons community hosting game sessions at our local library and attending monthly conventions. As many fans of “Dungeons & Dragons”, a prime stable is many memorable adventures always tend to start at some fantasy tavern. The led to The Green Dragon spark that led Betty and Bengi to build the real-life restaurant!

Through many years of investing, planning, and partnering with Wizards of the Coast, the owners of Dungeons & Dragons Board Game. We opened our doors in 2015! Betty and Bengi being animal lovers and have been vegetarians for over two decades. We wanted to add our own little dietary twist to the meal making everything plant-based! With the help of world-class chef Tony Bolaritello! Our menu adds many different cultures and dishes to symbolize the many cultures and civilizations an adventuring party will encounter on your Dungeons & Dragons quest! Focusing on having our restaurant value of community and inclusion, The Green dragon is a beckon of friends, family and everyone is welcome to join our weekly and monthly events! These sessions will be hosted by our phenomenal, experienced Dungeon Masters! Come join the adventure here at The Green Dragon!


  1. Fun and Exgaging Atmoshere!
  2. Plant-Based Menu
  3. Weekly & Monthly Events