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The welcome emails for the 2004A start willgo out late in the day on Monday, October, 19th, 2020

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Your welcome e-mail WILL NOT be sent to your home e-mail address, which includes, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Roadrunner, Hotmail, and anything that is not

Thank you for your cooperation,

Student Web Admin

If you are getting a message about not having a default page setup after uploading your files, make sure that you have uploaded your files to your class directory in your folder. For example, if you are in IT117-05, make sure you are in your IT117-05 folder before uploading your files. To do this in the web interface, double click your class folder in the right pane to enter the folder. Once you are in the folder, upload your files. Also, DO NOT DELETE your class folder. If you are using Dreamweaver and getting this error, make sure that you have your remote folder set to your class folder name.

For people who do not have accounts, please make sure to check your Purdue Global student e-mail for the welcome e-mail.

If you did not get the welcome e-mail, and/or are a late start, please make sure to fully fill out the form accurately and completely.

E-mail: (Purdue Global Student E-mail address which will always end with, not GMail, not Live, etc.)
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Welcome e-mails for the 1101A term were sent out on Monday 3/7/2011 to your Kaplan student e-mail address. Please check your junk mail folder for the e-mail. If you have not received it by 10:00 pm Eastern time on 3/8/2011, and have checked your junk mail folder, please completely fill out the support form below.

If you have had an account on the server before, your password for the web interface might not get changed until later in the day on Tuesday 3/8/2011 Your old password will work for the web interface until it is changed.